Elske van der Knijff

Marketing en Administratie


Hi! My name is Elske van der Knijff. I am involved in all crew matters at Rood Boven Groen, but also in marketing and administration. Feel free to contact me when you need someone to help you with the application of your CoC you can reach me at info@roodbovengroen.com.

I grew up on the water. I was 3 months old and already sailed with my parents across the Baltic and Wadden Sea on sailing passenger ships. From the age of 20 I have been at the helm of the beautiful traditional ships myself. The arrival of two sons has made me change my course to shore in terms of work. The passion I still feel for my childhood dream to become a Tall Ship captain sailing the seven seas, is what drives me every day to help our clients and customers with the best solution(s) possible.

From my experience in the commercial sailing business, I know how important it is to be accurate and to live up to ever changing regulations, protocols and standards. It’s a game which isn’t always part of the passion that drives captains and owners to work in this branche. For me, being part of the Rood Boven Groen team and to be able to alleviate that burden, is a way to give them a chance to fully live their passion.