Are you looking for an online, classroom or In Company STCW training? A Certificate of Competence or Compliance Management? We’ll lead the way!

Through our Compliance Management, we translate maritime legislation, guidelines and standards in the field of safety, security, environment and quality into maritime practice.

In addition, we provide high-quality in-company training, classroom and online STCW training for companies and seafarers. We also advise and support on applications for maritime Certificates of Competency.

Our online training courses can be booked via our site and can be followed at your own pace and time. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about the right course for you or your crew. We are happy to help!


Compliance Management - 26 Years
STCW Classroom Training Courses - 22 Years
STCW Online Training Courses - 8 Years
Certificate of Competence - 18 Year

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Rood Boven Groen can assist you with applying for a certificate of competency or seaman’s book. We can help you identify which ratings you qualify for. As well as giving advice, we can also submit the application for you. Learn more about the various types of applications by exploring the information and resources provided on this page.

Whether it is a stand alone solution or combined in an integrated management system, we help you meet legal requirements through straight forward management systems. To find out more about our compliance management systems and which systems might benefit you, click here.

When implementing a management or compliance system such as the ISM, ISPS or MLC-2006, there are various supporting documents involved. Rood Boven Groen has expert knowledge of these documents, which are outlined here. Does one of the documents apply to you and are you looking for a partner to help with implementation please contact us.

Stay informed about the latest developments in the field of STCW training and legislation & regulations regarding ISM, MLC and ISPS. We are happy to inform you about this in our News Update.


Ik ben heel erg tevreden over rood bovengroen. Ik had probleem met mijn vaarbevoegdheid aanvragen voor master alle ships om de probleem op te lossen ik heb rood bovengroen benaderd, ze hebben erg snel gereageerd en mij de mogelijkheid uitgelegd. Vervolgens hebben ze contact met kiwa gehad waarna het probleem is opgelost.
Mohamed Mkey
March 18, 2024.
Since 1 year, we're delighted to be working with RBG to obtain the SSA certificates required to obtain their seaman book. Everything is running smoothly and responsively, which we really appreciate. Our customers are often in a hurry to get their booklets.
October 9, 2023.
Fijne mensen om mee te werken! Veel ervaring en kennis met het aanvragen van vaarbevoegdheden.
Fiskerman 43
June 26, 2023.
Wij gebruiken aan boord de 'Drill scenario selector' van Rood boven Groen: met vernuftige draaischijven om scenario's in verschillende omstandigheden te selecteren. De selector ligt op tafel, als vanzelf beginnen we over veiligheid te praten - een aanrader!
Jan Vriesinga
November 15, 2022.
Is the second time I take courses with RBG and the experience is always great. Particularly this time I had issues with my navigation and starting the exams due to what I think it was my computer problem, but Dominique from the support team did a superb job by staying in touch with me all time and assisting me to get the things done. Very good courses, well explained and intuitive web design to make it easy to reach the navigation and the courses done.
Ben Giunchi
November 8, 2022.