Acceptance of STCW certificates issued by the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate

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Rood Boven Groen offers several online, classroom and in-company STCW (refresher) training courses that have been approved by the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate. Discover which flag states recognize STCW certificates from Rood Boven Groen below.


Our STCW certificates are approved by the Dutch flag:

Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI): Inspectie Leefomgeving & Transport (IL&T).


Our STCW certificates are accepted by the following flag states:

MCA(UK), EU-countries, Panama, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Malta, Liberia, Singapore, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Antigua & Barbuda, Marshall Islands.

For a complete overview of STCW parties with which the Netherlands has an undertaking in accordance with STCW Code Chapter I, Reg. 10 please click here.



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