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From ISM News Update nr. 129: Change and/or update on legislation: SOLAS

February 2024

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Change and/or updates on legislation: SOLAS

Amendments to SOLAS regulation II-1/3-8 to cover mooring arrangements should be implemented, as described in our ISM Newsupdate 127.

  • Procedures for mooring operations, including inspection and maintenance of mooring equipment.
  • Procedures to enable the identification and control of mooring lines and associated attachments.
  • Periodic inspection of mooring equipment and associated attachments as part of the onboard maintenance plan or equivalent planned maintenance system.

Extensive information can be found on the IMO website explaining how to implement the new legislation plus lots of advice on safe mooring procedures.


Amendments to SOLAS chapter II-1, III, IV and V (requirements of the GMDSS).

The SOLAS chapter IV (GMDSS) requirements were put in place back in 1988, using technologies from the 1970s. A review of these requirements resulted in re-considering all the advancements in technology and satellite service providers.

  • IMO has recognized Inmarsat and Iridium to provide satellite communication systems for use in the GMDSS.
  • The definition of ‘Sea Area A3’ has changed (is now including coverage of Recognized mobile satellite service).
  • The function of NBDP (Narrow Band Direct Printing) for MF/HF radio installation is no longer required. Therefore, from 1 January 2024 existing ships operating in Sea Area 3 which have only MF/HF equipment and no SES, will need to install one SES (Ship Earth Station).
  • The new requirements apply to all new and existing vessels of 300GT and above.


Only new vessels contracted on or after 1 January 2024:

  • Amendments to SOLAS chapter II-1 concerning doors, hatches and valves which pierce watertight boundaries, and requirements for water level detectors (bilge alarms).

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