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From ISM News Update nr. 129: Change and/or updates on legislation ILO

February 2024

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Change and/or updates on legislation ILO

MLC 2006 amendments 2022

  • Amendments to A1.4 – Recruitment and placement / Seafarers compensation claim
  • Amendments to regulation 3.1 – Accommodation and recreational facilities / Seafarers right to use the internet with reasonable charges
  • Amendments to regulation 3.2 – Food and catering / Drinking water provided free of charge and balanced meals
  • Amendments to A4.3 – Health and safety protection and accident prevention / Appropriately sized personal protective equipment for a wider spectrum of people
  • Amendments to Appendices Financial security / Name of registered owner to be included on financial security certificates if it is different from the shipowner

The Amendments are expected to come into force from December 2024 and are applicable to all vessels. We will update our website in time, to give our clients the possibility to update their DMLC Part II before the next intermediate/renewal audit.

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