Crowd control training is offered online by Rood Boven Groen as STCW Passenger Ship Crowd Management Training.


Crowd control training; why take part?

Crowd control training helps you manage large crowds on board your vessel and keep them calm during chaotic circumstances and in emergencies. Long queues at buffets or when disembarking from an excursion, public gathering places like swimming pools and bars or dangerous situations like storms and fires require good crowd control training. In the right circumstances, even a quiet crowd can quickly become dangerous. The Crowd control training or Crowd Management and Safety Training for Personnel Providing direct Services to Passengers in Passenger Spaces meets the STCW requirements.

Some shipping companies and other parties in the maritime sector have a policy of training their personnel in Crowd control, even though this may not be required by the flag state or STCW. One example is the offshore industry, where the core business does not revolve around passengers, yet there are always many people on board.


Crowd control training starts with the knowledge of your ship.

Crowd control training starts with getting to know your ship. What is the gathering capacity of each area? Which areas are unsafe for non-crew members? Are there any weak spots or temporary structures that require special attention? Procedures and equipment will be different for each ship, so it is of the utmost importance that you are fully familiar with the situation on your ship. Take the time to know where everything is because knowing the location and distribution of all equipment needed for an emergency is essential. The purpose of the training is to optimise the chances of survival of passengers and crew during an emergency.


Crowd control training; what will you learn?

Crowd control training teaches you the skills that will help you maintain control over the large crowds on a passenger ship. During the Crowd control training you will learn about:

  1. STCW – a short introduction
  2. Short historical overview of shipping accidents
  3. Life-saving equipment and control plans
  4. Accompanying passengers on their way to muster and embarkation stations
  5. Assembly procedures
  6. Communication
  7. Demonstrating the use of life-saving equipment to passengers

By taking this crowd control training course, we hope that the crew will become more aware of the importance of knowing the ship’s procedures and equipment to control and assist passengers in case of an emergency. At sea, crew and passengers are at the mercy of the elements and professional assistance is far away. All you have is your training, your expertise and the emergency and life-saving equipment. Compared to any calamity ashore, resources available on board are minimal. Outside help is rarely immediate and often not even available – always consider your actions and make sure your system is working safely at all times.


Crowd control training available online from Rood Boven Groen

Crowd control training online puts you in control. You can decide when and how quickly you go through the theoretical material. When you feel ready, you can complete the Crowd control training course by taking the exam online, increasing your chances of success. All you need is a PC, laptop or iPad to complete the Crowd control training online. Taking a training course online supports sustainability because the ecological footprint is smaller than classroom training.

Alongside the Passenger Ship Crowd Management training course, Rood Boven Groen also offers the following STCW training courses online:

  • Security Awareness training for All Seafarers
  • Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
  • Company Security Officer
  • Security Awareness Training for Port Facility Personnel
  • Security Awareness for Port Facility Personnel with Designated Security Duties
  • Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity


STCW training certificate

Upon completion of Crowd control training, you will be issued with an STCW certificate in Crowd management training (Regulation V/2, paragraph 4 and section A-V/2.1)

and Safety training for personnel providing direct service to passengers in passenger spaces (Regulation V/2, paragraph 5 and section A-V/2 paragraph 2). The training institute ‘Rood Boven Groen’ is recognised by the Dutch Maritime Authorities (Dutch Flag). During an audit, the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate has reviewed the lesson plans and content of all our training courses. The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate did not issue a certificate for crowd control training for passenger vessels, as neither the STCW code nor Dutch legislation requires certification for this short course.



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