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Update nr. 103

In this ISM News Update:

  • CIC Emergency systems and procedures
  • Safe Sea Net
  • Port Base – an important role in Merchant Dutch Ports
  • Have you ever been bullied or harassed?
  • Changes in the office staff
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CIC Emergency systems and procedures

Next week, on 1 September 2019, the concentrated inspection campaign will start. The focus lies on emergency systems and procedures to verify the readiness of crew and emergency equipment in case of an emergency. For this CIC a questionnaire is available via the following link.

It is highly recommended to become familiar with the questionnaire for the CIC and inform your crew accordingly in order to be prepared.

The aim of this CIC is to reduce the high detainable deficiencies in particular related to emergency generators, emergency fire pumps, and record (including evaluations) of drills.


Safe Sea Net

In ISM Newsupdate nr 86 and 102 we wrote an article relating to Safe Sea Net Procedures. Because most of our clients are sailing in Scandinavian areas, we would like to keep you up to speed with the correct crew and traineelist for the designated countries.

For your convenience you can find the applicable documentation via the following links:

For further information or updates please check our website.


Have you ever been bullied or harassed?

As Tanya Blake (SAS editor) mentioned in her article Oct 2018 bullying or harassment is often hidden under the surface of seafarers’ daily working lives.
Bullying is a particular form of harassment that includes hostile or vindictive behavior, which can cause the recipient to feel threatened or intimidated.
As per January 2019 procedures regarding this subject are compulsory. Guidance on eliminating shipboard harassment and bullying can be found here.
Having the right procedures in place will create a positive working environment for seafarers that is more likely to reflect in better work performance and a reduction in absence.


Changes in the office staff

From the 1st of September, Margreet Jongman will no longer work for Rood Boven Groen. She has enjoyed working here but has found that her real interest lies in what she did before: working as a crewing manager.

Her successor, Madalina Pencea, strengthens our team from the beginning of August.

Madalina is originally Romanian and has many years of experience as a deck officer in the merchant navy. She has been living in Franeker for a few years and can now use her vast knowledge of ISM, ISPS, MLC, and more to replace Margreet.

Kind Regards,
Team RBG