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Update nr. 106

In this ISM News Update:

  • Corona Policy
  • Keep in touch with the local authorities
  • What to do in case of a suspected Coronainfection?
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Corona policy

Drafting a corona policy (who-what-where-when) is advised. If these are not yet known on board, it is important to prepare them after all. For the captain: where are you going? Do you know how and where to find the local health authorities where you can get information/guidelines? How can your crew and trainees follow these guidelines? Do you have enough disinfectants on board? Does the safety committee have all the information? And perhaps the most important question: do you know what to do if you have an infected person on board? (What exactly is isolation? Can you isolate a patient with you onboard? How can you avoid being tied up / having to remain anchored as a ship?) If you have a protocol, you have thought about the possible consequences and are surprised you do not have such a situation.


Keep in touch with the local authorities

Ships are refused in ports both within Europe and beyond, so alertness is in order. The Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate and countries are taking measures to prevent further expansion. To prevent you are refused at a port, we advise you to maintain contact with local authorities. The local health authorities can provide you with current health measures. In this situation, it is wise to have enough supplies and fuel on board so that it is possible to move to another location.


What to do in case of a suspected Corona infection?

If it is determined that there is a suspected case of Corona disease on board, a Corona Policy should be activated. The suspected case should be immediately instructed to wear a medical mask, follow cough etiquette and practice hand hygiene; the suspected case should be isolated in a predefined isolation ward, cabin, room or quarters, with the door closed. Infection control measures should be applied in accordance with WHO guidance. The disembarkation and transfer of the suspected case to an onshore healthcare facility for further assessment and laboratory testing should be arranged as soon as possible in cooperation with the health authorities at the port.

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Team RBG