ISM News

Update nr. 115

November 2021

In this ISM News Update:

  • IAMSAR Manual to be updated in 2022
  • Refugees at sea
  • 8th revision of Dutch Flag COVID-19 Contingency Plan to be released on 31st of December Plan is published
  • Check your immersion suits
  • Lloyds Register has launched new PSC Pocket Checklist mobile app.
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IAMSAR Manual to be updated in 2022

As of June 1, 2022, amendments to the IAMSAR Manual will come into effect. The amendments largely deal with the modernization of GMDSS technologies (such as the recent recognition by the IMO of Iridium satellite communication for GMDSS purposes).

The amendments will be incorporated in the 2022 edition of the manual. SOLAS regulation V/21 requires all ships to carry an up-to-date IAMSAR Manual Vol.III.


Refugees at sea

The number of incidents regarding refugees at sea has been increasing in recent months. Migrant dinghy emergencies have been reported not only in the Mediterranean, but also on the North Sea and in the area between the Moroccan coast and the Canaries.

We advise vessels to draw up a risk assessment before departing to these areas and to follow both IMO and KNVR guidelines. (IMO) (KNVR)


8th revision of Dutch Flag COVID-19 Contingency Plan to be released on 31st of December

The Dutch Flag will release an 8th revision of the COVID-19 Contingency Plan on the 31st of December. It is expected that with this new revision more emergency provisions will be lifted. Rood Boven Groen will disperse the new revision via the ISM News update.


Check your immersion suits

The administration of the Marshall Islands has put out a warning concerning the serviceability of immersion suits, after suits of the same manufacturer had been found to be defective on several ships under their flags. In all instances, the glue that seals the zipper to the suit – a key feature in keeping the suit waterproof – had become inoperative, even though the suits had been found to be OK during recent check-ups.

The Marshall Islands administration warns that it is paramount to the safety of seafarer’s lives that immersion suits are checked and, if possible, serviced according to IMO guidelines. Ultimately one may read this warning as an encouragement to invest in quality immersion suits.


LLoyds Register has launched new PSC Pocket Checklist mobile app

LR and UK P&I Club have released a new and improved Port State Control (PSC) checklist app. The app helps ensure that ship personnel are trained in how to inspect, maintain and operate life-saving equipment, and that equipment is ready for use at all times. The app also includes a list of common deficiencies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and help reduce the risk of PSC detentions.

The new app combines previous checklists apps and now offers, next to the PSC checklist, also checklists on the subjects ILO/MLC, ISM/ISPS, LSA, Fire Safety and Pollution Prevention.

The PSC Pocket Checklist app is available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Hartelijke groeten,
Het RBG Team