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Update nr. 89

In this ISM News Update:

  • Issues around CoC
  • Obligation to report adjustments to accommodation
  • MLC amendments
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Extending expired CoC

From December 6th, 2016, the law made it possible again to renew an expired CoC without having to sail above strength. The condition is that you need to show one year sailing time in the last five years (for sailing ships <500 GT 6 months in the past 5 years) or 3 months of QUALIFIED sailing time in the past 6 months.
Show valid certificates to extend CoC
KIWA has indicated that from 1-1-2017 for the application for renewal of certificates for officers one needs to show proof that the certificates Basic Safety, Advanced Fire Fighting, Proficiency in Survival Craft Medical First Aid and Medical Care are no older than 5 years at the time of the request. Which of these certificates are applicable depends on the desired CoC.


Obligation to report adjustments to accommodation

It is obligatory for ships to register and report to class certain modifications to accommodation and equipment on board. These modifications concern structural changes that could affect the validity of ships safety certificates, safety plans, fire control plans, damage control plans and the like. This obligation is set out in SOLAS Chapter 1 Part B, regulation 11b. EMSA has found that in practice mainly the passenger ships do not always meet this obligation.


MLC amendments

As of 11-1-2017, new MLC amendments take effect. These include the obligation for ship owners to demonstrate financial security for the following:

  • failure to fulfill their obligations in the repatriation of the seafarer (“abandonment”)
  • liability to the seafarer (“ship owner liability”)
  • compensation for contractual claims of the seafarer (“crew claims”).

The Dutch government has requested deferral from the ILO and stated that they expect to have included these obligations in the Dutch law from 1-1-2018.

It is expected that ships need to have implemented the amendments on board as per their first MLC Renewal. For most ships, this will be around August 2018. By that time the ship needs a new DMLC part I and II, complete with points 15 and 16.

Ship owners are advised to contact their insurance company to determine how to meet these amendments with regards to crew insurance.

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