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Update nr. 92

In this ISM News Update:

  • RBG welcomes new colleague
  • MLC-2006 Guide 2017
  • Financial Security requirements MLC-2006
  • Amendment of Schengen Agreement for signing on/off seafarers
  • Flowchart CoC sailing vessels
  • Update ECDIS software before September 2017
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RBG welcomes new colleague

Due to the ever-growing demand for RBG’s services we have been looking to strengthen our team in the field of ISM / ISPS for some time now. With due pride we can report that Jan has now joined us since June 1st. Jan previously worked as a technology superintendent at a leading global dredging and offshore project. With his knowledge and experience we are convinced that he is an asset not only for the company but also for our customers. Thanks to the arrival of Jan we can now offer our customers technical support in addition to our knowledge and expertise in ship certification, crew matters and training.


MLC-2006 Guide 2017

ITF (International Transport Federation) has released an update with reference to the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006. We have made this available on our website under Downloads MLC 2006. This guide is inclusive of the amendments of 2014 and 2016.


Financial Security requirements MLC-2006

All ships sailing under MLC are obliged to ensure financial liability for repatriation and abandonment as of January 2017. We advise our customers to contact their P & I club with the request to send the new certificates.


Amendment of Schengen Agreement for signing on/off for seafarers

From April 2017 every seafarer is obliged, regardless of nationality, to report at the Dutch or Belgian border posting at the time of signing on or off. Previously, Benelux crew members did not have to report. This has been announced to stakeholders through circular CAZ/028 of the KVNR. The KVNR is in consultation with the government how to minimize these administrative burdens.


Flowchart CoC Sailing vessels

Recently, the flowchart for a Certificate of Competence (CoC) on sailing vessels has been updated. The latest version is currently available on the RBG website under downloads – crew matters. We expect to update the flowchart for merchant marine shortly.


Update ECDIS software before September 2017

The IHO has introduced a new standard (IHO S-52) for ECDIS. Every shipowner is obliged to update ECDIS software before August 31st. ECDIS that has not been updated according to the latest IHO standard does not meet the requirements set out in SOLAS Regulation V / Due to the heavy financial investment necessary for this update, some ship owners are opting for a temporary transition to the map system.

In addition to the ECDIS update, the Paris MoU decided in May on a Concentrated Inspection Campaign for ECDIS from September to November 2017.

Hartelijke groeten,
Het RBG Team