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  • Safety first digital available
  • MLC amendments 2014
  • List of required certificates and documents
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Safety first digital available

The new version of the Safety first booklet is digitally available on our website:


MLC amendments 2014

On 18-01-2017 two new MLC amendments came into force.
These amendments regulate the obligation of the shipowner to arrange financial security for the costs of repatriation and abandonment and financial effects of the shipowner liability towards the seafarer in case of injury or death.
Often this financial security is ensured through the P&I and/or crew insurance. The insurer shall issue a certificate for that purpose.
The Netherlands flag is expecting to have implemented these amendments in the Netherlands legislation first at 01-01-2018. The Netherlands flag has communicated this postponement with the ILO. The correspondence concerning this matter can be found on our website
It is advisable to save this correspondence together with the applicable P&I or crew insurance policy.

As a result of the above mentioned MLC amendments, the DMLC part II of ships that are MLC certified shall be supplemented at the first MLC renewal or intermediate audit. Our MLC Document Generator ( ) has been adjusted for this reason.
Because, just like the Netherlands flag, many other flags have not finished the implementation of these amendments in their national legislation, we can not complete our MLC Document Generator with all flag-specific information yet.


List of required certificates and documents

A new list of the IMO of all possible certificates and other ship documents that are required onboard, depending on the ship, is available on our website:

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