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Update nr. 95

In this ISM News Update:

  • Crowd management training online
  • Departure Jan Dijkstra
  • New IMO Guidelines to reduce accidents during Lifeboat drills
  • CiC Air pollution from ships
  • New implementation dates passenger ship sewage discharge and treatment requirements for the Baltic Sea Special Area.
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Crowd management training online

We have made it possible to follow the STCW training Crowd Management Training (Regulation V/2, paragraph 4 and section A-V/2.1) and Safety Training For Personnel Providing Direct Service To Passengers In Passenger Spaces (Regulation V/2, paragraph 5 and section A-V/2 paragraph 2) online.
This way you do not need to travel to the training institute on a certain day but you only need a computer and a decent internet connection. On some ships, we have installed a digital version onboard whereby you do not need an internet connection anymore. Are you curious to see what other training we provide online? Have a look at


Departure Jan Dijkstra

Per 1 December 2017 Jan Dijkstra will no longer be working for Rood Boven Groen. Despite the good cooperation we have to conclude in the last few months that the activities at Rood Boven Groen and the ambitions of Jan are not the right combinations. We wish Jan good luck with his further endeavors and will, as always, be of service to our clients with the rest of our RBG team. Sjoerd van der Berg, known for several years as a freelancer at RBG, will take over his duties for the moment.

New IMO Guidelines to reduce accidents during Lifeboat drills

The IMO has published new guidelines to reduce accidents during lifeboat drills. One of the key changes is that drills should avoid the physical activation of the release mechanism in order to avoid exposing the crew to the risk of accidental release of the lifeboat.

The new guidelines are approved and issued in “MSC.1/Circ.1578, Guidelines on safety during abandon ship drills using lifeboats” with a special annex regarding ‘simulated launching’ during a drill with freefall lifeboats.

Please read it carefully and use it to your advantage.


IMO FAL Formulieren

The IMO has notified that as per 1 January 2018 new FAL forms will be available. Three additional declarations will be added to the list; security-related information as required under SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974), advance electronic cargo information for customs risk assessment purposes and advance notification form for waste delivery to port reception facilities.
The new forms will also be available on the RBG website under downloads in the beginning of January.

Garbage Record Book

In addition to the previous subject regarding waste delivery, new amendments regarding the Garbage Management Plan and the Garbage Record Book will come in force as per 1 March 2018. These amendments are recorded in Resolution MEPC.277.(70). An important change is the new category “E-Waste” in other words electronic waste. It is related to electronic devices that are defect or aged and have become obsolete. In the resolution, you can also find the new description of garbage and the new Record of Garbage Discharges.



The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, will come into force in 2018. The emphasis of this regulation is that companies make it demonstrable that the use of personal data is according to the law. We advise companies to implement this in their ISM and/or ISO. If needed we are happy to assist.

Hartelijke groeten,
Het RBG Team