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Update nr. 99

In this ISM News Update:

  • Refreshing Medical First Aid and Medical Care training
  • New colleague at Rood Boven Groen
  • Approved DSD and SA of Rood Boven Groen
  • Signing up for Eemshaven only possible via Port Base/Maritime Single
  • SOLAS – Recovery of persons from the water and the RescueNet van Waterworks and Rood Boven Groen
  • KIWA requirements sailing time rating deck sailing ships
  • Ballast water management PSC inspection checklist
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Refreshing Medical first aid and medical care training

Also, this winter, the Medical first aid and Medical care certificate from various captains will expire. Rood Boven Groen wants to try and get a group of people together to follow this training and make interesting price and location agreements with the trainer. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact us before October 20th.


New colleague at Rood Boven Groen

Since June 1st, our team has been strengthened with Maaike de Man. She is mainly engaged in the monitoring of the crew and training lists and crew papers of our DPA sailingships. In the long term, she will also replace Elly van Kekem in the accounting department and will now be incorporated there. Maaike sailed for her profession between 2000 and 2008: first on the brown fleet from Harlingen, then on the Lutgerdina from Enkhuizen and later on the seagoing sailing logger Lotos. After 9 years of living in France on a farm, the maritime sector turned out to be more attractive than the agricultural life.


Approved DSD and SA of Rood Boven Groen

We are proud to announce that our training Designated security duties is again approved by the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI) without any remarks. This means, that for the next 5 years we can continue to offer our top-class training in the classroom, at nautical schools, and on board.
Our computer-based training, Security awareness, was also approved by the NSI without any remarks in regard to the content of the training. However, a system to guarantee an adequate identification of the student, whilst acting according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was not evident. We are making every effort to change this because we passionately believe in e-learning. We believe in offering our training without time and location constraints, which is especially suitable for the maritime industry with its constant and dynamic training needs.


Signing up for Eemshaven via Port Base/Maritime Single

Although it has been agreed with Dutch customs that sailing vessels are not required to use Port Base / Maritime Single Window when signing up but are allowed to report by telephone or e-mail (the procedure for small ports), there are still ports that only allow admittance of (sailing)ships if they are registered via Port Base / Maritime Single Window. Recently, RBG had to mediate in the registration of two sailing ships at Eemshaven via a local agent. This agent has done the registration via Port Base / Maritime Single Window for these ships.


SOLAS – Recovery of persons from the water and the RescueNet of Waterworks and Rood Boven Groen

The RescueNet of Waterworks and Rood Boven Groen is appreciated by more and more customers. Recently, we have been able to supply three updated nets to a customer who already has 4 pieces in use. Since July 2014, ships must have a procedure in accordance with SOLAS Regulation III / I7-1 on how to rescue persons from the water. Often a lifeboat or rescue boat is used, but it still was not easy to get a person back on board as horizontally as possible. With a RescueNet in the dinghy this becomes much safer and very easy. A short ‘live-footage’ can be found on you-tube: With its small size and weight, it fits all rescue boats, and only costs 1 / 5th of a Jason Cradle.


KIWA requirements sailing time rating deck sailing ships

Since the Manila amendments came into force, it has become virtually impossible to obtain a CoC based on sailing time on inland sailing ships (i.e. commercial sailing ships without a certificate of registry). In our view, this is an undesirable situation, because this severly restricts the flow in the sailing business. Behind the scenes, we are working hard to investigate, together with the BBZ, the possibilities to obtain a CoC without having to sail supernummary for months.


Ballast Water Management PSC inspection checklist

The International Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) came into force on the 8th of September 2017. Until March 2018 Port State Control already issued 160 deficiencies regarding BWM.
Most deficiencies concerned incorrect or missing entries of all ballast water movements, incorrect ballast water exchange, missing approved BWM plan, and lack of familiarization and training of the crew.
It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the Ballast Water Management Convention, to utilize the PSC BWM checklist (download via our website), and to inform and train the crew.

Hartelijke groeten,
Het RBG Team