Interim Maritime Compliance Management

Interim Maritime Compliance Management has seen a significant growth in the past few years, resulting in QHSE performance improvement.

In most cases, these are outside experts brought in to operate or manage an organization’s compliance program. Interim maritime compliance management as is implied in the name, are temporary compliance managers serving for a period of time while an organization seeks a qualified permanent replacement.

For those companies that have limited resources or need guidance and training, the compliance function could be outsourced to an expert in maritime compliance.

The only way to ensure full maritime compliance is to proactively manage it. To do this, it is essential to use a hands-on compliance management system. Whether this is ISM, ISPS, MLC or any other regulation, you will gain peace of mind when you know your crews are using a ‘less is more’ compliance management system, which meet all legal aspects.

Interim Maritime Compliance Management is not about quantity, but quality.


Interim Maritime Compliance Management

Where your employees are often burdened under a load of work, they should not be given the QHSE management as an additional side task as this will result in demotivation and frustration.

Compliance is essential to profitability in the maritime industry. It’s no longer just about avoiding costly fines and delays. A company must achieve a reputation for excellence to order to increase profitability and market share in today’s highly regulated and litigious environment. Reputation supports mutual beneficiary.

Having a successful maritime compliance program in today’s shipping world is no easy task. There are so many regulations from the International Maritime Organization and Flag State Authorities now that companies find it difficult to remain in full compliance with the letter and intent of it all. Unfortunately, some who avoid the issue of maritime compliance find out just how comprehensive the regulations are during audits, investigations and litigation following Non-Conformities. In fact, regulations are so comprehensive today that true full compliance with the letter and intent of them all can provide a pathway to operational excellence.

Interim Maritime Compliance Management may cover a complete QHSE department as well, as supporting minor but urgent topics such as Polar Water Management Plans and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans. Maritime Compliance Specialists and QHSE interim professionals keep many templates for all sort of compulsory and useful management plans, adjustable to any sector in the maritime industry.

In most cases it is better to hire a professional with in depth knowledge and experience, than to spend hours on finding out ‘how to’ and produce a half knowledge product. This kind of short-term problem solutions ends very often in double work and extra unnecessary costs.

Maritime Organizations find it useful to have an independent Interim Maritime Compliance Management come in to manage the program until a permanent replacement can be found. This process has the added advantage of having, in effect, an independent evaluation of the program’s effectiveness while it is undergoing active management. Outside professionals who will not be competing for the permanent position can bring independence and objectivity without any preconceived notions about personnel or programs, or any investment in prior decisions and actions.

Maritime Compliance with future and emerging regulation is one of the biggest challenges the marine industry faces. There are many different solutions available, all at different levels of technological maturity and involving different commercial risks. Interim Maritime Compliance Management can help you make the right choices for your operations, by providing an understanding of the issues and by helping you to develop a strategy, implement it and provide operational assurance.

Interim Maritime Compliance Management from us will work with you to provide bespoke consultancy services to reduce the risk of non-compliance for current regulations and make sure you are ready for future requirements.
We can help you make the right choices by providing an understanding of the challenges, train you and your employees combined with a deep knowledge of the regulatory and commercial issues that can affect practical solution deployment.

Rood Boven Groen’s Interim Maritime Compliance Management provides you with suitable solutions and the optimal combination of knowledge, level and character. An Interim Manager from RBG immediately significantly increases the effectiveness of the organization within the field of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. As part of your team, we work together on solutions that we also realize together.

Our Interim Maritime Compliance Managers are content heavyweights and safety inspirers. Socially skilled people with at least ten years of experience in a position of ultimate responsibility. They make positive impact from within.

We accompany you on your way – not only, but especially in difficult phases.

Highly specialized in the Interim Maritime Compliance Management, our experts help you to implement projects efficiently and successfully, install processes and bridge QHSE vacancies – to meet the challenges of this time and the future. We not only advise; we also may take over your specific work orders.

For us, Interim Maritime Compliance Management means being convinced of what we do and what we can do.

The demands of our Interim Maritime Compliance Managers on themselves and their commitment in every job are: permanent intensive preparation, constant vigilance and high concentration from beginning to end.

We stand for short-term help and long-term success!



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