Maritime safety training to follow online from Rood Boven Groen: Maritime safety training from training’s institute Rood Boven Groen is offered online for crew members on board ISPS obligated merchant and passenger ships following the requirements of the STCW convention.


Maritime safety training under the Dutch flag

Maritime safety training is intended for masters, officers and other personnel designated on the muster list to assist passengers in emergencies and chief mates, chief engineer officers, second engineer officers and all others responsible for the safety of passengers in emergencies on board RORO and other passenger ships. The maritime safety training offered by Rood Boven Groen is an STCW training approved by the Dutch government. In the Netherlands, approvals of STCW training are managed by the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI).

The NSI is responsible for the control and supervision of maritime safety training providers in the Netherlands. Rood Boven Groen is the first Dutch government approved training institute to offer approved training, under the Dutch flag, completely online and in an e-learning environment. There is a secure ID check built into the Security Awareness training course, among others, making it possible to follow the course anytime and anywhere.


Maritime safety training in an e-learning environment

By following the course online, you are in complete control. In your own environment and at a time and pace that suits you, you can acquire theoretical knowledge by following the training course. Upon completion of the course, you can take the exam online. Internet and a PC, laptop or iPad are needed to do the course. If a shipping company chooses to buy multiple courses, we can make the course available offline.

The course fits easily around other work and personal commitments. You can tailor the course to your needs by spending more or less time on certain topics. The exam can be taken when you feel ready, increasing your chances of passing. Following a training course online contributes to sustainability because the ecological footprint is smaller than location-based courses.


Rood Boven Groen offers the following maritime safety training online:

  • Passenger Ship Crowd Management;
  • Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity


Refresher maritime safety training

The STCW maritime safety training offered by Rood Boven Groen does not necessarily need to be repeated after a few years. However, some shipping companies expect this from on board personnel to maintain current knowledge and to further develop skills. The following safety courses are offered online as refreshers:

  • Passenger Ship Crisis Management and Human Behaviour Refresher;
  • Passenger Safety Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity Training Refresher

View our offering of maritime security training courses.


Expanding our offering of maritime training

Rood Boven Groen is continually developing and expanding its offering of training courses. Courses are developed by certified expert seafarers for seafarers and are adapted where necessary when regulation changes occur.

Rood Boven Groen’s trainers have many years of practical experience, adding a great deal of knowledge of the maritime world to the teaching material. We are continually improving our online courses as new insights are gained and in response to feedback from customers.



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