Maritime security training course to take online: Training institute Rood Boven Groen offers an online maritime security training course for crew members on board merchant and passenger ships following the requirements of the STCW, as amended.


Maritime security training for seafarers

Maritime security training from Rood Boven Groen aims to improve maritime security by increasing the awareness and ability of seafarers to recognise and react appropriately to security threats.


STCW security course

Rood Boven Groen’s STCW maritime security training Security Awareness and the training Designated Security Duties are approved by the Dutch Government. In the Netherlands, the approving body is the Netherlands Shipping Institute (NSI). The Netherlands Shipping Institute is responsible for the control and supervision of providers of maritime training courses. The guidelines used were drawn up by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) at the STCW Convention, an international treaty on the minimum requirements that seafarers on board professional and commercial ships must meet in terms of training, certification and watchkeeping.


Maritime security training in an e-learning environment

By following the course online, you are in complete control. In your own environment and at a time and pace that suits you, you can acquire theoretical knowledge by following this training course. Upon completion of the course, you can take the exam online. Internet and a PC, laptop or iPad are needed to do the course. If a shipping company chooses to buy multiple courses, we can make the course available to follow offline.

The training fits easily around other work and personal commitments. You can tailor the training to your needs by spending more or less time on certain topics. The exam can be taken when you feel ready, increasing your chances of passing. Following a training course online will increase sustainability because it has a smaller ecological footprint than location-based training.

Rood Boven Groen offers the following STCW maritime security training courses online:

  • Security Awareness training for All Seafarers;
  • Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties;
  • Company Security Officer;
  • Security Awareness Training for Port Facility Personnel;
  • Security Awareness for Port Facility Personnel with Designated Security Duties.

Alongside security courses, we also offer safety courses. View all Rood Boven Groen STCW training courses here.


Maritime security training for Cyber Security

By infecting the computers of maritime organisations that are in direct contact with ships, criminals can wreak havoc with shipping traffic and even use ships as weapons to cause chaos and destruction at ports. Shipping carries the bulk of the fuels, raw materials and goods on which the world economy runs. Some 90% of world trade takes place by sea. Around fifty thousand ocean-going vessels operate for this purpose, registered in more than 150 countries and manned by more than a million seafarers of many nationalities.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is responsible for international regulation for shipping at sea and indicates that the member states (including the Netherlands) are obliged to address cyber risks in the Safety Management System (SMS) of a ship. These should then be included by the flag state in the first annual audit of the shipping company’s Document of Compliance (DOC) after 1 January 2021. Rood Boven Groen has developed its own tool to test your knowledge of Cyber Security. You can view the tool here. This online assessment helps create awareness of cyber security.


Expanding our security course offering 

Rood Boven Groen is constantly expanding and developing the training it offers. Quality is of the utmost importance; training courses are created by expert seafarers for seafarers and are adapted, as necessary, in accordance with regulation changes.



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