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In STCWM Training News Update nr. 8: May a STCW-training certificate or a medical certificate expire during the voyage?

March 2023

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May an STCW-training certificate or a medical certificate expire during the voyage?

Dutch legislation does not specifically state anything about an expired STCW-training certificate. The Dutch flag state therefore assumes that crew members’ training certificates are valid throughout the entire voyage.

In cases of force majeure, personal dispensation can be requested at Kiwa. This is recommended if:

  • The relevant crew member is part of the Minimum Safe Manning, OR
  • the crew member has a role in the muster list that cannot be carried out by others.

In addition, the following can in any case be undertaken to show that you will deal with the situation consciously (for example in case of an inspection):

  • The captain draws up a ‘letter of authority’ in which he or she briefly explains why this crew member must remain on board despite the fact that the training certificate has expired.
  • A refresher course is already booked and proof of this is ensured on board.
  • To prevent this, we recommend the policy that the training certificates of crew members are always valid for at least six months longer than the term of the contract.

Regarding an expired medical certificate during the voyage the STCW-code states the following. The certificate shall remain in force until the next port of call where a recognized medical practitioner is available, provided that the period shall not exceed three months (STCW code Regulation I/9).

If you have any questions about this, please call or email us for more advice.

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