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In STCW Training News update no. 11: Modernization of the Seafarers Act

February 2024

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Modernization of the Seafarers Act

The current Dutch Seafarers’ Act ‘Wet Zeevarenden’ has been in force since May 3, 2014. Currently, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is working on a revision of the Seafarer’s Act and the underlying ‘Besluit zeevarenden’ and ‘Regeling zeevarenden’. The revised law will be called ‘Wet bemanning Zeeschepen’.
The new Seafarers Act offers:
• room for innovations in maritime education;
• reduced administrative burdens;
• stimulation of the competitive position of Dutch shipping.

The publication date of the law is not yet known. The aim is sometime in 2024. We will provide an overview of the most important changes and will be happy to keep you informed.

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