Rood Boven Groen (RBG) is on a mission to provide high-quality STCW online training  courses for maritime professionals. Join our network of resellers and secure an additional income stream for your business.

Why become a reseller?

  • Becoming an STCW online training reseller adds value to your client offering, particularly for seafarers new to the industry.
  • As a reseller, you will receive an attractive incentive for each referred client who purchases an STCW online course or refresher training from RBG.

As a reseller you have a direct route to our friendly and expert team who are ready to offer you advice and support in promoting our STCW online courses. If you have any queries or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Get to know Team Rood Boven Groen

We are a small team of maritime professionals providing consultancy and compliance management system solutions to the industry. We also offer high-quality classroom and online STCW certified training courses for seafarers. Our own experiences at sea motivate us to help other maritime professionals; we stand for quality and transparency in the market.

How does it work?

Becoming a registered reseller is easy and requires no investment from your side. Fill in the online form below or contact a member of our friendly team and we’ll contact you so you can get started straight away. You will receive our reseller contract stating that as a reseller you will receive commission for each completed training.

Once we have confirmed you as a registered reseller, you can start earning your incentive by referring clients to our website or team. You can make a referral by sending your name, company name, and the client’s name to info@roodbovengroen.com. When the client purchases a training or course, you will receive a referral reward from RBG.

The benefits of our STCW online training for seafarers

  • Approved STCW training and courses
  • Certificates registered under the Dutch flag are widely recognised. (View flags accepting Dutch certificates.)
  • STCW online courses developed in collaboration with Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate, based on the IMO Model Courses
  • Online courses are cost-effective; there is no travel cost or travel time.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, online courses are a convenient and practical solution.
  • The latest online techniques maximise participant engagement and the low data usage requirements means taking an online course on board is perfectly feasible. Some courses have a task book with practical exercises to reinforce learning on board.
  • Seafarers favour online courses because they can plan the work around other commitments.


Finding a credible STCW training provider can be a minefield for seafarers, especially those new to the industry. Not all providers are transparent about their certified status, or which flags recognise their certificates. You can help seafarers by directing them to our website and this article in particular: What to consider when choosing an STCW training or course. 

All seafarers going on board vessels above 500 GT for the first time need to undertake security awareness training; those with security duties will need Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties. Depending on the type of vessel, Passenger Ship Crowd Management training may also be necessary. Experienced seafarers need to renew certain certificates every five years, which often requires refresher training. For more information about which certificates require refresher training, read our STCW news update.

                    STCW News Update

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