Security awareness training for seafarers

Security awareness training for seafarers is mandatory for all seafarers who are not directly assigned with security duties on board ISPS ships. All seafarers must receive approved security awareness training or instruction that can be conducted on board ship or ashore. This course aims to increase crew members’ awareness of security threats, how to maintain the security of the vessel and heighten their security awareness. Security awareness training for seafarers is offered online from training agency Rood Boven Groen. The STCW security awareness training takes half a day of your time in which you will learn how to be aware of danger on board. After successful completion of this course the participant will receive a STCW (A VI/6-1) certificate. This certificate is valid for life.


Security awareness training for seafarers available online

For developing the security awareness training for seafarers Rood Boven Groen has been in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport; we created a new concept of learning and following STCW training courses. Our online Security awareness training for seafarers has been developed using the IMO’s Modell courses as a reference. The knowledge and years of experience gained from Rood Boven Groen’s approved classroom training courses have been reinvested in the online modules. The latest insights in online training and current experiences at sea, are combined in this comprehensive online training course.

One advantage of Rood boven Groen’s online security awareness training for seafarers is that they can be taken online anywhere in the world, at a time and pace that suits the participant. Travelling to a training location is avoided, making this online course a sustainable choice. A computer, laptop or iPad and an internet connection are all that is needed. The training course is also available offline by request when purchasing multiple courses.

Rood Boven Groen is a small team of maritime professionals providing consultancy and compliance management system solutions to the industry. We offer high-quality online STCW-certified training for seafarers. Our own experiences at sea motivate us to help other maritime professionals; we stand for quality and transparency in the market.


Security awareness training for seafarers under the Dutch flag

Maritime security awareness training for seafarers from Rood Boven Groen is a STCW training course approved by the Dutch Government. The Dutch Shipping Inspectorate (DSI) is the government organisation responsible for monitoring and supervising providers of STCW training courses in the Netherlands. Rood Boven Groen is the first training agency approved by the Dutch government to offer training courses entirely online, in an e-learning environment, issuing certificates under the Dutch flag. A secure ID check is built-in for the security awareness training for seafarers,which makes it possible to follow these online training courses anytime and anywhere.


Valuable security awareness training

Rood Boven Groen continues to expand and develop its trainings for seafarers offering. Courses are developed by expert and certified seafarers for seafarers and are amended, as necessary, to changes in industry standards. Due to the years of practical experience of the trainers, a great deal of knowledge of the maritime world is incorporated in the course material. We improve the online training for seafarers content as new insights are discovered and as a result of customer feedback.



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