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Update nr. 7

December 2022

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Statement NSI regarding working in a lower rank on board

Problems are regularly encountered with the interpretation of the coverage of a Certificate of Competency. Are you allowed to sail in a position lower than your rank, when this position is not mentioned on your Certificate of Competency?

It sometimes happens that a seafarer has to take over a function for another crew member, sometimes in a lower rank. It could be, for example, that a Captain or Chief Officer has to take over a third officer or rating. According to strict interpretation of the STCW regulations, mentioned, the substitute will not be allowed to sail in this function when it is not mentioned on their CoC. . RBG consulted NSI about this, after which NSI issued a ‘declaration about working in a lower rank’. You can read the NSI declaration here.

In essence, NSI has no objection to a seafarer who is in possession of a CoC Officer in charge of a navigational watch (II/1), Chief Mate (II/2) or Master (II/2) to also sail as Rating Deck (II/4) or Rating. A seafarer may also sail with a CoC Chief Engineer (III/3/III/2), Second Engineer or Officer in charge of an Engineering watch (III/1) in the function of Rating Engine Room (III/4).

NSI does emphasize that persons who serve as a Rating or Rating Engine Room must be listed on the crew list as a Rating or Rating Engine Room and in practice also perform the work associated with this position. It should be noted that seagoing service as a rating deck or rating engine room cannot be used to extend or upgrade an officer’s CoC.

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