STCW 95 training course offered by Rood Boven Groen according to STCW guidelines and approved by the Dutch government.


An online STCW 95 training course is offered by maritime training provider Rood Boven Groen for merchant and passenger ships, in line with the requirements of the STCW 95 treaty.


STCW 95 training course; what is it?

This STCW 95 training course is approved by the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI), on behalf of the Dutch government. The NSI is responsible for the control and supervision of organisations providing maritime training courses for seafarers, the guidelines for which were drawn up by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) at the STCW Convention. STCW stands for the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, STCW treaty.


Rood Boven Groen is the first training agency approved by the Dutch government to offer STCW Security and Safety training courses online in an e-learning environment. Rood Boven Groen has built-in a safe ID-check for a.o. the Security Awareness training course, making it now possible to follow this STCW 95 training course online, anytime and anywhere.



Revision to STCW 95 Convention for STCW 95 training course

The STCW Convention was drawn up in 1978. In 1995 the STCW code was established alongside the convention to further specify the conditions of the convention. This is the origin of the term STCW 95 and with it the name STCW 95 training course. In 1995 the STCW Convention for STCW 95 was thoroughly revised: vague phrases were removed or rewritten, it was adapted to the times, implementation obligations for the Convention countries were included and the Convention was divided into a Convention and a Code.


This convention did not exist before 1978 when the countries themselves could determine what the minimum requirements for shipping were. Unfortunately, this led to many risks and accidents. At the moment, 144 countries are bound by the STCW 95 Convention, which is about 98% of the entire world. The new convention, after the amendment also called STCW 95 convention, ensures that shipping is of good quality through the STCW 95 training course. The convention applies to all ships of the affiliated countries. It is important to mention that it only concerns the quality of the ship and the crew. The number of crew members is regulated in another convention, namely the SOLAS Convention.


STCW 95 online training course from Rood Boven Groen

The online STCW 95 training course puts you in control. In your environment and at a time and pace that suits you, you can learn the theoretical knowledge and complete the online exam. Internet connection and a PC, laptop or Ipad are required to take the training course. If you purchase multiple training courses, it is also possible to follow the training course offline. The training is easy to fit in around other work and personal commitments and can be adjusted to your own needs by spending more or less time on certain subjects. The exam can be taken when you feel ready, increasing your chances of passing. Taking an online STCW 95 training course helps promote sustainability as it has a smaller carbon footprint than classroom training.


Rood Boven Groen offers the following STCW 95 training courses online:

  • Security Awareness Course for All Seafarers;
  • Security Course for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties;
  • Company Security Officer Course;
  • Security Awareness Course for Port Facility Personnel;
  • Passenger Ship Crowd Management Course;
  • Passenger Safety Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity Course;
  • Security Awareness for Port Facility Personnel with Designated Security Duties;
  • Passenger Ship Crisis Management and Human Behaviour Refresher;
  • Passenger Safety Cargo, Safety and Hull Integrity training Refresher.


STCW 95 training course offering expansion

Rood Boven Groen is continuously expanding and developing its STCW 95 training course offering. Service and quality are of paramount importance at Rood Boven Groen. The training courses are created by expert seafarers for seafarers and adjusted where necessary as changes occur. We improve the online STCW 95 training course as insight is gained and as a result of feedback from customers.



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