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November 2023

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Now entirely online: The STCW training course Passenger Ship Crisis Management & Human Behaviour

Rood Boven Groen offers 10 different online (refresher) training courses, including the Passenger Ship Crisis Management & Human Behavior (CM&HB) training course. As a result of the travel restrictions during the Corona pandemic, Rood Boven Groen received permission from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (IL&T) to offer the CM&HB hybrid classroom training, i.e. partly online independently and partly as a webinar with a trainer. As a result, the training was developed entirely online, without the intervention of trainers or assessors. From now on, crew members can follow the training online where and when it suits them.

The theory of online training is supported by practical examples from the Rood Boven Groen team and comes to life by discussing various investigation reports of shipping accidents from the past. This combination must provide an attractive learning environment, in which awareness is the common thread.

Crew members who want to follow this training online can easily register by contacting Rood Boven Groen or buy the course on our website. In November ’23 the 10% discount code RBGCMHBNOV can be used.


STCW Training course Passenger Ship Crisis Management & Human Behavior

The STCW Training course Passenger Ship Crisis Management & Human Behavior is mandatory for captains, officers, engineers and all other crew members responsible for the safety of passengers on board maritime passenger ships.

The CMHB online training course is developed and structured from seafarer’s experience, unlike many other training courses that are completely based on a lesson plan from a training institute and the IMO Model Course.

This online version saves companies and/or seafarers travel and accommodation costs, and helps reduce the ecological footprint. From now on, crew members can follow the training course wherever and whenever it suits them.


Theory in the online setting comes to life through case studies

Stephan Kramer, director of Rood Boven Groen: “Rood Boven Groen likes to think along with the changing world in which all seafarers find themselves. We continue to develop our (online) STCW training courses and are constantly working on improving our services with an eye for innovation and a high-quality standard.”

“The STCW-code is the common thread for us to comply with the legal framework, taking industrial standards into account. Together with the experience of the Rood Boven Groen crew on board different types of ships, we can offer accessible training courses that fits seamlessly with practice on board.”

“An STCW-training course should, above all, be informative, but certainly not boring. It is the responsibility of the developer to engage the student using all available resources. This is not only an honorable task, but also a great challenge. It motivates our trainers to get even more into the student’s shoes and increase the ‘fun factor’.”

Finally, Kramer adds: “We capture the interaction that occurs in classroom lessons during our online training courses by discussing various case studies. These case studies are incident reports of past shipping accidents with a high ‘lessons learned’ character. By making the student an imaginary part of a research team, we trigger solution-oriented ability and action, and we make the theory come to life.”


Would you like to register your crew for this training?

Crew members who want to follow this CM&HB training course online can easily register by sending us an email to The course can also be bought on our website. In November the 10% discount code RBGCMHBNOV can be used. The seafarer will then have access to the online training course environment. If the assessment is satisfactory, the crew member will receive the certificate within 3 days. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or any of our other training courses.

Kind regards,
Team RBG

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