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In STCW Training News update nr. 10: Training course of the month

December 2023

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Training course of the month

Last month we launched our new Passenger Ship Crisis Management & Human Behavior training course, which is now completely online.
To make sure the theoretical information comes to life in the online setting, we added several case studies. The interaction that occurs in classroom lessons is integrated in the completely online training course by discussing various case studies. These case studies are incident reports of past shipping accidents with a high ‘lessons learned’ character. By making the student an imaginary part of a research team, we trigger solution-oriented ability and action, and we make the theory come to life.

For everyone who receives our STCW training news update, we have a special discount code (RBGCMHBDEC) that can be used to purchase the new course in December.

Crew members who want to take this training course online can easily register by sending us an email to or purchasing the training via our website.

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